We were referred to Apartment Aces and we asked for the best and boy did we get the results that were Second to None and they should be called The Royal Straight Flush with an Ace Kicker!! We mentioned to Chris what range and proximity we wanted and promptly he called WITH THREE CHOICES. We narrowed it down to two then one after Chris went to two locations and took pictures. He listened to what we wanted and delivered First Class Special Delivery. Chris negotiated to get us the best opportunity for us and he under- promised and over- delivered as we got more than we expected. We feel that due to Chris representing us in person with customer service that the approval was done in 1 hour and they were expecting our call and knew that Apartment Aces was representing us and we have the peace of mind knowing that when we get to Cedarpark, TX I will have my Schleper’s belt and boots on when I get my right hat I will be right at home in our alluring Home on the Range. Finally and most importantly please puruse the website and see all the other good things that they do and you will understand that the personal is paramount and professionalism will be there if you are doing the next good thing and the next right thing! We are available if you want to hear the voice word and just call Apartment Aces and they will get you in touch with us. Chris and Apartment Aces are our first new Texas friends and we are not even there yet and remember its ONE CALL THAT”S ALL!

Peter Lee Silveira, Senior Business Development Manager, PMI Corporation