Dear Chris, Thank you so much for helping us find an apartment. We were about out of options when we ran across your ad. Not only did you find us a place that would work with our credit issues, it also allowed us to retain our standard of living, while saving us money at the same time. We can’t thank you enough! Thanks again for taking us on and succeeding where others didn’t, you are a God send! -Erica Piil There’s absolutely NO reason not to use Apartment Aces to find an apartment! There’s a nice list of apartments in the area already compiled so you don’t have to drive around looking for all the places. Chris can help you get deals you wouldn’t know about, and if you are a TAMHSC (or any college) student, YOU MUST TALK TO HIM!!! If you and your classmates can get together to all sign on as a group, he can get you even better deals! Why wouldn’t you want to live close to your classmates AND get another discount off your rent? You have absolutely nothing to lose, and money to gain. Chris responds to texts and calls very quickly and is a very personable guy to work with.. He personally offered to install ceiling lights in my apartment because that was the only thing holding me back from signing there. USE APARTMENT ACES!

Cassie Zhuang