The greatest among you will be your servant.” -Jesus Christ in Matthew 23:11

Our clients appreciate that we strive to build lifelong relationships, rather than using the revolving door, numbers game approach we’ve experienced with other apartment locating companies.

Here are a few stories that demonstrate our commitment to our clients and apartment communities in Round Rock and greater Austin:

Valerie was homeless and had past credit and rental issues when we met her. She had no income, but she was soon due to receive retirement and disability income. Because of our relationship with an apartment community as well as our up front cash, we were able to get her into the apartment, even though she wasn’t receiving income yet. Because she had no vehicle, we also gave her rides to the grocery story and other places until she could get back on her feet.

One family was being forced out of the home they were leasing because the owner was being foreclosed on. They had bad credit and low income. We got them into a great community solely because of our established relationship with the management team. We rebated them money to pay their application fee and to help with the move.

After taking Priscilla to a property we discovered that she really needed to wait to lease until she had more income. We could have closed the deal on the spot, but we advised her to wait. A few weeks later an amazing deal at an apartment community in Round Rock come up that worked perfectly for her. We loaned her $750 to pay her first month’s rent, which she paid back in less than a month, mostly because of the $1,000 cash we helped her get as part of her move-in special.

Through the years we have had several properties overpay us. We have reported each and every one of them. One property management company sent us a $5,000 check by mistake, which we promptly sent back at our expense. Another property let us keep what they overpaid as a credit towards future leases they were confident we would bring them.

One property management company we worked with had a horrible reputation. Although we were reluctant to work with them, we had relationships with individuals within the company who depended on apartment leases for their livelihood. We referred business to them because of those individual relationships. We didn’t get paid for those referrals for three years.

We work with leads through local churches and Round Rock Housing Authority that have already been turned down by other locators because they don’t have enough income. We go out of our way to find them apartments even though 80% of these deals don’t pay us a commission.

Daniel was a mentally handicapped homeless man referred to us with only social security income. He had moved to Round Rock from Alaska via bus to move in and work with a relative, but that fell through. Although we were unable to secure housing for him, Chris Leschber became his legal financial steward and helped him manage his social security income. He spent many meals with Chris’s family.

We live by the truth that to get what we want, we must give others what they want.

To best serve our clients, we’ve taken a focused approach. We’ve become experts in specific areas of greater Austin and Round Rock so we could provide details not easily discovered by a general search.

Furthermore, we don’t just help you find an apartment in Round Rock. We help you get fully established with utility services, school details, phone, TV, alarm, internet, driver’s license, access to area parks, entertainment, shopping, etc.